Visas, Covid 19 Regulations, & Helpful Tips (Weather, Internet, Currency Exchange/ATMs,

Airport Transportation, Transportation Around Town, Tours)


Visa Information

At present (09/27/2022), three types of visa arrangements are reported:

  • Visa Exempt
  • e-Visa
  • Business Visa

Please follow the three steps below to determine which one applies to you and how to proceed.

Step 1: Visa Exempt

Check if your nationality (as stated on your passport) is on the visa exempt list If so, no visa is necessary.


Step 2: e-visa

If your nationality (as stated in your passport) is not on the visa exempt list, check to see if it is on the e-visa list:

If your nationality is on the e-visa list, follow the instructions on the following site to process an evisa: (

The government visa issuing agency will email you an invitation letter. Please take your letter along with your passport, boarding pass, and return/outbound tickets to the immigration passport control counter at the airport in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).


Step 3: Business Visa

If your nationality (as stated in your passport) is not on either list (visa exempt or evisa), a business visa is required. Please send digital copies of the following documents to

Passport (Photo and details page)

Two passport photos

We will attempt to process the visa.  A letter will be sent to the you by email. Please take the letter, your passport, and two passport photos to the nearest Vietnamese embassy or consulate where you live to process your visa.


 Covid 19 Regulations

As of 9/27/2022, no covid tests are being given on arrival, and no proof of vaccination or quarantine is required. For up-to-date information, please refer to embassy websites (COVID-19 Information - U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Vietnam ( and relevant airline websites (International travel regulations ( Please also double-check your own country of origin’s return requirements.


Weather in Vietnam

Current Weather: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam weather forecast | MSN Weather

Weather in December: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam monthly forecast | MSN Weather



There is an Internet Kiosk just before the customs line in the airport.  Unlimited Internet sim cards can be purchased for 10-12 USD.  



Transactions (meals, transportation, shopping) in Vietnam are usually done with Vietnam Dong. Many establishments accept international credit cards.


Currency Exchange and ATMs

Several money changer kiosks are available after you exit the baggage claim area.  ATMs are also available.  These are within the airport, so please visit them before leaving the final doors, as returning inside is difficult once you exit.  


Airport Transportation

There is a taxi stand to the left, just outside the departure area.  Several private taxi drivers also stand outside the gates and offer services. A third option is the Grab app.  Transportation to the hotel is about 5-7 USD and the university is about 6-8 USD (range depends on the time of day). The difference between the three options is about 1.50 - 3 USD, with taxis being the most expensive. I personally recommend Grab for convenience, as drivers will come directly to you using a GPS system, and you can track them as well as your route to your destination. 


Around Town Transportation

Grab app can be downloaded on your phone. Grab car and motorcycle transport  can be reserved using the app and paid for by cash or credit card. Prices are reported prior to departure and fixed within the app. Motorcycless are about 1/3 of the price. Taxis can are also available, but the prices by meter and the routes are predetermined rates and routes are available, and thus prices can vary.



The conference has arranged a Mekong River tour on December 11.  This can be reserved on the conference website.

If you would like to spend more time in Vietnam or take additional tours, you may consider SaigonTourist.  Please email Nguyen Thi My Hanh (speaks English and Vietnamese) at to make reservations.

84 28 36 222650

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